Friday, December 05, 2008

Never Again 'Only Human'

David Needham writes, “The Holy Spirit is now installing in God’s people the actual, risen life of Jesus to the degree that His life is their life. To receive the Spirit is to receive Christ. Not simply accepting Him, but receiving Him. . .By His birthing act, the Holy Spirit actually changes us by placing in us the life of Jesus. We were once only flesh; we are now spirit." (John 3:6)

Christians will never again be only human, mere men, mere women; they've become the sons and daughters of God.  All of heaven recognizes us, to the glory of God.  Do you see it too?

Here's help.

One of my favorite books is Needham's--Birthright: Christian, Do You Know Who You Are?  I regularly dig into it all over again because it's like taking a bath, only far better--an inside bath.

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