Friday, April 25, 2008

My Goodness

Politics aside--please--the sanitizing spin now going on for Rev. Jeremiah Wright turns the stomach. When a preacher harms people by what he teaches, when a pastor induces his flock to sow to the flesh and to anger against man, as if the kingdom was about flesh and blood instead of spirit, he ought to be criticized for it, and not built up and applauded.

I saw an interview of Rev. Wright by Bill Moyers, and frankly, it turned my stomach.

I then watched an entire sermon by Rev. Wright--no spin or out of context possible--and it sickened me. In short, Wright's view of where the Kingdom of God is and how to advance it, departs from where God says it is--within the born again man or woman--and that life is by the Spirit, not by flesh.

If, by chance, you'd like to see and hear an entire sermon by Wright (and it's a doozy), click here. No one will be able to convince you that the man is speaking from Jesus. There's no way. And it grieves me to watch his congregation rise and give him an "Amen!"

Just FYI.

(For more on this, see my previous blog, "Why Wright Is Wrong," here.)

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