Friday, May 30, 2008

New Narnia

My family and I saw the new Narnia film yesterday, Prince Caspian. We thought it was very good.

In typical fashion, Hollywood played up a romantic angle not in the book, including a lengthy kiss at the end that made my daughters cringe and hide their eyes.

But apart from that, it is a well-crafted film. Could have used the stronger moral found in the book--that life is impossible without Aslan--but there was at least enough of it there to make the point.

Go see it.


  1. Come on Ralph, ... are you saying that this film is actually better than Zoolander???

  2. Ha!

    I will never forget the first thirty minutes or so of that film. . .because that's all we saw of it! Walking out of the theater was one of our better moves, don't you think?

    Zoolander is a classic. . .a very bad classic.

    When you visit again, we'll go see something a little better!