Saturday, February 13, 2010


God threw the stars out in place like people throw rice at a wedding . . . er, bird seed.  But still!  And He loves us perfectly because He IS love--He doesn't simply have love or feel love, HE IS LOVE--without anyone causing it, without deserving it, He is love.  Every approach of yours toward Him is always met with love.

How cool is that?


  1. Jonathan R. Palma1:26 PM

    wow!! thank you for posting this!!! ... I grew up "knowing" a God Who was always angry with me and glaring, me just always causing Him grief ... His love is becoming clearer to me but I still struggle quite severely with not feeling He does love me ... It's a real real trial in my life and it's bits of Truth like this that helps me feel loved by Him :-) you know, not just in my head but finally in my heart ... I know He does love me but frankly I don't feel it nor accept it quite often, so thank you very much Ralph!!
    Anthony Gault was right when he said I should friend you cause he felt you have things to share that would help build my trust and faith in my Savior :-)

  2. Pauline Karcher1:26 PM

    Way Cool!

  3. Lori Ryon1:27 PM

    Perfectly cool!

  4. Mari Norton Jackson1:27 PM

    Beyond my understanding cool!!!

  5. beautiful. Thanks, Ralph.