Friday, March 05, 2010

Barbados Update

I'm on my way to a meeting, so must be brief.

Sunday's service was truly a wonder. I spoke about God's reconciliation of us, and of our service of reconciliation for each other. I did so little, but stand back and watch God give us wonder and love and awe. God opened our eyes to who we are now--right now--because of Him, and we were dazzled.  What a great bunch are these Bajan believers.

Since then I have been meeting with small groups of men and women who want more than anything to know God.  A team of people from Grace Life Church in Woodstock, Georgia (where I will be speaking this Sunday, March 7), have been here for six months, shepherding them toward their desire.  And they're brilliant.  All I really do is join them.  Everyone here makes sharing my own story of discovering God easy to give.  What a community.

I had a bit of "time off" yesterday, and so went snorkeling in Carlisle Bay.  There I met a scorpion fish, which skewered my hand.  PAIN.  Today my left hand is painful and puffy, to say the least.  Any treatment suggestions?  (Amputation is not acceptable.)

Tonight is a guy's night out, and I'm really looking forward to that.  Tomorrow, Saturday, I leave the island and head to Atlanta for a week.

God speed!





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  1. Janet in Texas6:18 PM

    Activated charcoal paste over the sting site. Soak the hand in baking soda, epsom salt and warm water.

    Hope that helps!