Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It's my second without my mother, who is spending this one with God. I even have moments when suggested guilt slaps at me for not calling her. And then I remember--she left for home in June, 2008.

Do you suppose they celebrate Mother's Day in heaven? Probably not, but if they do, I'll bet it's all about God in a way that makes perfect sense of it.

You know—it was He who gave mom’s radar, eyes in the back of their head, a mother’s prerogative, insight, discernment, motivational skills, fashion sense, providential giving, wisdom, the silent treatment, and loads and loads of love.

See? A lot like God.

My mother loved me tons. It was obvious and I’m thankful.


  1. Karen Fries7:54 AM

    Great memories of your mom. She always made me feel welcomed.

  2. And you were. She had it right.

  3. Lori Carroll7:59 AM

    I miss my mom as well. She went home to heaven last June.

  4. Susan Lyneis8:00 AM

    I am sure they do has been 11 years since my Mom had her Homecoming and I will always miss her, but know she is rejoicing with Him!

  5. Craig Snyder8:00 AM

    Amen Ralph. I am blessed to still have mine. I miss my dad.

  6. Melanie Yeager8:37 AM

    Lost my mom in "99 but always think about her.

  7. Megan Auer8:37 AM

    Your mom was very beautiful! I'll be grateful to meet her someday! :0)

  8. Mari Norton Jackson8:37 AM

    My Mom went home in 98', but I always think of her on Mother's Day.