Friday, October 22, 2010

Where You At?

Do you recall seeing the commercials that frequently asked, “Where You At?” Sponsored by a clever mobile phone company that offers GPS (Global Positioning System) as a benefit with its phones, I have found several of their ads more than funny—they’ve struck a chord with me.

One of the most significant aspects of life in Christ is that that’s where we’re at—in Christ. (I know it’s bad grammar because the "at" isn’t necessary, but just go with it.) Ever since God put us in Christ through the new birth, that’s where we’re found at every moment—in Him.

It doesn’t look like it, I know. Come by my house and you’ll see me in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, drawn up to my desk and laptop. That’s what your eyes see. And if during our visit I told you to close your eyes so you could see more clearly, maybe you’d think I was nuts. But I’d be trying to help you to live according to what’s really real.

You and I are learning more and more to live by faith—in what God says is true of Himself, and in what He says is true of us. If we only look with the eyes in our head, we’ll frustrate our growth and twist our experience. It can’t be otherwise. We’ve got to see with the eyes of our heart, the ones Paul asked God to open for the Ephesians so they would know the great hope to which He had called them, the wealth of His incredible inheritance now in the saints, and so they would know His “incomparably great power” for them (Ephesians 1:18-21).

I think that because we rarely use the eyes of our heart, the ones that believe and see people the way they have become in Christ, we miss hope, we forsake our inheritance and poorly experience the power of God.

If you’re a Christian, then right now you’re in Christ. Yes, He is in you, and that’s fantastic to know and discover—God in you! But according to God, you’re also in Him. What does that mean? That’s what Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was about.

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.” (Ephesians 1:7,8)

Being in Christ means God has made us exactly as He wants us—that’s what redemption means. Think of it. Picture yourself in Christ. Can there be anything sinful in Christ? Can there be anything flawed in Christ? Can there be anything faulty in Christ? Can there be anything that needs a beating in Christ? No, no, no, and no! Your change of location has changed everything—that’s the gospel.

This is how it is in Christ, and I contend that believing the gospel which says it is so will change your life. It will certainly improve your view on things.

If your wife is a Christian, then right now, “Where’s she at?”

If your husband has received Christ, then “Where’s he at?”

If God is right now in your children, then “Where they at?”

If you’ve got friends who are Christians, then right now, “Where they at?”

Do you see what happens to you when you see where they are? You feel better and invigorated because you’ve shifted your eyes and view of life to the unseen facts that stimulate true life—life by the Spirit. You’ve chosen His view, and you’re reaping from Him. The Bible says a lot about those who will live that way.

When you know you’re in Christ, your worries tend to dissipate, your hope increases, and your confidence in God and in yourself leap up. Everything changes when you know where you are.

So right now, “Where you at?”


  1. Amber Duran2:15 PM

    Thank you...I stuggle alot with "where I am at.

  2. Kay Sloan Benedetti2:16 PM

    In Christ- right now!! What could be better???

  3. Kathy Hamilton Lerich2:17 PM

    Being that it is early voting here today, and masses of deception on a grandiose scale are unfolding and unfurling heinously dishonest and irrevocable deeds like the most formidable military fire power; my blood pressure is A-okay and my outlook is eternally Sonny! Even so, come Lord Jesus. Marantha!

  4. Cindi Estep2:18 PM

    Me too Ralph...Safe in Christ....Forever One!

  5. Skip Newby2:21 PM

    Good word brother. The implications for our lives of being in Christ, are what tells us, "where we're at."
    I think that's why Paul urged the early followers to test themselves and see if in fact they were in Christ, in the Spirit, in faith.

  6. Michael Buonocore3:05 PM

    Thanks Ralph, very encouraging! I am going to use this everytime somone calls me and asks "Where you at?"

  7. Brenda Gail May Kalas4:31 PM

    To see through the eyes of our heart because of the Lord Jesus Christ -- what a blessing. This faith walk is something else. I confess, I'm just starting to get this -- being in Christ, seated in heavenly places and have been thinking about it for the past few weeks. I pray for the remainder of my days on earth, that I will cling to the cross. "Rock of Ages , cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee...Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to the cross I cling."

  8. Thank you so much for reminding me where I am at this moment and who I am "in Christ." I tend to so easily get sidetracked by my flesh, the enemy or whatever may be going on in my life at that moment and forget this GREAT, AWESOME, OVERWHELMING truth!!!!! Just like you said, right at this moment I feel so much better and INVIGORATED!! Janet