Sunday, January 09, 2011

United At Every Moment

Unless I see myself as in Christ—as God knows me to be—then whenever inexplicably difficult and odd things happen I will wonder what's gone wrong and what I have to do to make things right. That means endless days of pressure. I'll see myself as separate from God, perhaps needing my inner battery charged up so I can then run off on my own to make things work right.

But I'm His vessel, and how things go around me are for the two of us, united forever, His life and ability at the ready. That’s how Christ is formed in me—it’s what I and others have called The Immanuel Agenda. That's the crucified and Spirit-filled life, and that's for me.

And if you're a Christian, it's for you. . .Hooray!


  1. Stephanie Park Mendrala6:15 PM

    Looove it!

  2. Kathy Hamilton Lerich6:16 PM

    Why not "E"mmanuel, Ralph? Is the spelling just a variation or is there a significant difference that I am unaware of? Emmanuel: God with Us, Yes?

  3. Ken Morris6:16 PM

    In Him, we live!

  4. Ed Benitez6:17 PM

    ‎"Ahhhhhh wisdom..."

  5. Julie Belshe9:58 PM

    Thanks! GREAT WORD, I must post.

  6. Rudy A. Zacharias10:39 PM

    Ralph - great reminder! Thanks! Hope all is well with you.