Monday, August 08, 2011

The Way Forward

When we know we’ve been reconciled to God, repentance and confession of sin become what they are for Christians—the awakening of faith that Christ has done everything for us and made us new, as well as a return to confidence in Him. When you and I grow weary or frustrated in the guaranteed failure of living after the flesh, we will eventually realize that living by the Spirit and in agreement with Him is the way for us now. The dawn of that realization leads to a change in how we go forward and often a declaration of what went wrong.

Jesus, I was tangled up with the flesh and seduced into the attempt to live like I used to when I was dead. I got fooled into living against myself, the self you’ve made, and sin was the result. I’m so glad you’re not mad at me and have been working to revive me. And I’m thankful for repentance away from that crazy routine. (Excerpted from my book, God’s Astounding Opinion of You, chapter 14: Stripping Mummies: Finding Freedom and Life Outside the Tomb)

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