Monday, October 24, 2011

The Fruit of the Spirit

Surprise: the Spirit in me continues to produce hope and love for others--a lot of it. He's really good at it. With all of the worldly gloom and doom-saying pointed at my mind, it’s more than a relief to recognize Christ formed in me. He is wonderful there!

I don't know what the result of His fruit in me will be, but I'm sure glad for the taste of it.


  1. Dottie Ryan8:49 PM

    Amen! Keep it coming Ralph...the Truth!!

  2. Anita Neal McHale8:51 PM

    Well I know at least one of them....and it's Joy. So far I have enjoyed seeing your personality come out in your book. I went to sleep giggling over your comment about ogling the girls in college. I have a beautiful teenage son that is 17 that believes ogling should be a credited high school course.

  3. Craig Snyder8:51 PM

    I agree my brother!

  4. Andy Joslin9:14 PM

    Aye ralph! I've noticed lately too how easily I just naturally love everyone. it's so refreshing for them and me :-D

  5. John P. Cwynar9:40 PM

    Amen, Ralph... this hope is amazing and powerful! As a counselor, I speak words of hope into people's lives. It's neat, because they often don't get it at first... they question it... a few reject it. But the Spirit can take our words and produce faith, hope & love in others.