Thursday, November 10, 2011

For Always. For You.

Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection was not God’s Plan B. He didn’t make something up because we messed up. Jesus was always the Lamb slain before the foundation of the earth. God’s plan is right on time—always. Even today. Even for you.


  1. Sue Humphreys Thompson8:48 AM

    That costly grace was the plan from the start. I'm His love slave, for sure.

  2. Lynn Youngblood8:49 AM

    Love this! Even if we think we have messed things up beyond repair, He can turn them around and use them to make it even better than if we had done everything perfectly.

  3. Mike Mayo9:00 AM

    Whew! Thanks, I needed that!

  4. Jacqueline Belfiore Favre11:05 AM

    I love the subject of God's timing, it's perfection & blessing

  5. Cliff Gableman11:06 AM

    Thanks for the reminder Ralph, it's easy to forget.

  6. Sue--I like that! "Love slave." Lynn--Well said. Mike--Don't we all with regularity? Jacque--Helps us to know how truly secure we are. Cliff--With all the passing-away stuff around us, it is easy to become distracted. Please remind me anytime you like.

  7. Karen Fries2:35 PM

    GOOD NEWS!! :)

  8. John Kenneth Stroud3:13 PM

    I like that- never Plan B.