Thursday, December 01, 2011

What A Deal

How great is God, who works for you to discover Him to be perfect toward you. He delights to earn your love and trust—it’s His work. What a deal.


  1. John Solomon5:31 PM

    John Solomon Very insightful.

  2. Dottie Ryan5:32 PM

    I will most certainly chew on this. Thank you Ralph!

  3. Richard Broadbent5:33 PM

    I love how my Father has purposely hidden the eternal things "for" me, not "from" me to discover. My joy and ecstasy over each and every discovery likewise fills him with holy delight♥

    Also, I continue to stand amazed in how Father wins me (us) into a heart trust. But then again, the intercourse of two hearts beating as one might have something to do with this unfolding reality.

  4. Jackie Hyatt Lacy10:54 PM

    I found it heartwarming in my pursuit of Him to find He was pursuing me. That even my desire to know Him was initiated by Him! And He delighted in revealing Himself to me!

  5. Sharon Stiles10:55 PM

    Once again Ralph!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Charles Spoelstra10:57 PM

    I have found this to be so true. It's what He is doing with everyone, showing Himself to be completely trustworthy. It's hard when our difficult circumstances seem to get in the way of seeing Him for who He is, but heart knowledge of Him always reveals that He is more than I could ever ask or imagine. When I see Him through the lens of my spirit, I see who He really is.