Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Want Him

Sometimes our determination to believe the right truth becomes an impediment to Jesus and His ability with us—to convince us about Himself. What people really want is Jesus—it’s Him. Do you recognize that? He IS the truth and He will bring and reveal and encourage you with what He is. And then you’ll want Him and know Him throughout your days.

The byproduct of wanting and knowing Him—the result—is authentic love for you and the life of God for those around.

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  1. Dottie Ryan11:04 AM

    O wow....again...the timing. Just this morning I about threw up my hands because there are a million different 'truths' out there...and I find myself so frustrated. Then I opened the book of John 16:13-14 and realize it's gotta be God himself to show me THE Truth - Jesus. O Lord, open my eyes...