Monday, October 08, 2012

Heavenly Crossing Videos

I’ve got a few friends who’ve gone a little crazy and who need a good repentance.  You know some?  “Repentance” is a re-thinking that results from a recognition of the truth.  Frankly, I have little repentances or “awakenings” pretty regularly. 

Evidently, there are some Christians who go rather crazy concerning what they once believed and shared in—the riches of their inheritance in Christ.  If they go “crazy,” or are having a “crazy episode” that continues to their passing on, I believe they are still secure and rich in Christ (He did the securing and gift-giving anyway) and, therefore, have nothing to lose.  Sure, they’re crazy as they cross over from death to life. . .but after that they’re not.  What an awakening that will be. 

After I’ve crossed over myself, I’ll want to check out some “heavenly crossing” videos in heaven’s video vault(!) of crazy people I’ve known on this earth.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Imagine it:  crazy, hardened, earth-trapped skeptic the moment before death, and then instantly enlightened, stunned and radiant, heavenly member the next.  “Whoa!  My God!” they might say. 

I think I could watch a lot of those.

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