Saturday, November 16, 2013

Between The Past & The Present

The clock tower here is not from “Back To The Future,” but back to my past.  Yesterday evening I was sitting in a Starbucks in San Marino, CA, which wasn’t here when I was here.  (The Starbucks.) 

My California trip is coming to a close, and I’m a jumbled mix of past and present.  My parents lived here for fifty years, and it was home base until they passed on in 2008.  I had a three-hour lunch yesterday with one of my oldest and dearest friends, to whom I would entrust everything I have.  Besides, he nearly killed me a half-dozen times as we grew up together on the same street, so we’ve almost “been there, done that.”  (I love you, Jim.)

Last night I visited with two of my favorite knuckleheads whom I’ve loved since the mid 70’s, when we were idiot fraternity brothers at USC.  We have nothing to hide from each other, and fairly marvel that we’re still walking together through life since college.  (I love you, Pete and Steve.) Today, before going to a football game, I’ll drink a microbrew and make a mess of myself with some BBQ, while ganging up at a reunion of 100 stellar and fellow frat rats.  (Go, USC!  Beat Stanford!)

And I will relax late tonight with a family I’ve known for nearly 40 years.  They are a marvelous mix of beauty and brilliance, idiocy and lunacy, calm and chaos, kindness and love.  We love!  Do you see a theme?  The longer I’ve lived the more I am convinced that being WITH people, people of all sorts and beliefs, is what matters.  Yes, theology is vital, and, thankfully, being loved and lived-in by Jesus works out and looks really good with other people.  To me, that’s good theology.  (I love you, Steve, Denise, Kelsea and Douglas!)

Tomorrow I return to the present, which means hugs and kisses galore from my wife and daughters in Colorado.  Oh, how I long for them as I write.  I love you, Sarah, Ellen and Emma.  Imma go see you tomorrow.

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