Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's About Time

(From my friend, John P. Cwynar.)

Graced Time After Time

For the first time and the last time
For the best time and the worst time
For the fast times and the "when will it ever end" time

For the time in and the time out
For the 'time was' and the 'time will be'
For the timely and the not so timely times

For wasted times and memorable times
For quality time and time that never was
For these times and those other times

For when you're running outa time or just in time
When you're behind the times... or way ahead of your time
Or when time is up... and you're not

I will be with you time and time and time again
Even for a lifetime of times

And then in no time at all
I will be with you... for the Time of your Life...
Our Time... after time
Your Permanent Time Out... with Me.

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