Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eastern Encouragement Tour

On this latest version of the Encouragement Tour, I’ve spoken with several large-ish groups, but there ain’t no pictures of us. After a 27-hour trip that should have taken only 5 in order to get to Atlanta, I put down my suitcase and jumped into the middle of a fantastic gathering. I don’t think we failed to talk about everything important, such as Christ’s cross and resurrection and what that means about us, how we might truly encourage and build each other up, and the reckless, seemingly chaotic ways by which life—Christ’s life—leads us toward each other in love, mercy and grace. A couple of hours passed by in, I (almost) swear, like 20 minutes. Jim and Patricia, thank you for putting together a deeply satisfying evening and for hosting me with your usual miraculous gobs of love and generosity. I love you.

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