Friday, September 05, 2014

The Giver

What are my thoughts about the movie, “The Giver”?  My daughter and I enjoyed it very much. (It's an excellent part of a daddy/daughter date.)  She has read the book (loved it), and had some trepidation about how the story would come to film.  While it was different, she said it was true to the point of the book and that many of the changes/additions added to the strength of the story.  I think the story depicted very well the dangers of social engineering, the attempt at creating a better society by taking away personal freedoms and experience.  If everyone is brought to the same level of experience and expectation (financially, emotionally, responsibility, etc.), then everyone will be better off, since sorrow, suffering, competition, success and failure will be minimized—or so the theory goes.  In that setting, however, true love found through trial is the casualty, as is personal character. 

Through my eyes, also, the story depicted the futility of human effort while ignoring God.  We suffer terribly when we are deluded into terrific efforts at making ourselves and life work while abstaining from Him who is Life.  This story illuminates and expands upon that theme. 

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