Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Upcoming Schedule

For those interested in where I will be speaking in the near future, and/or who would like to invite me to an event, here is my speaking schedule for the next several months.  You’re invited to each one.  Generally, I like to keep events to no more than 2 per month, so March and April are a bit open, and May is entirely open.  To invite me to an event, large or small, either private message me or go to my ministry web site at: http://lifecourse.org/Schedule_Event.html.

January 16 - Ft. Collins, CO., Re-Connect Ministries:  “Divorce”

February 8 – Saline Community Church, Michigan (http://www.salinecommunitychurch.org/#welcome)

February 20-22 – Grace Life Fellowship, Baton Rouge, LA; Men's Retreat (http://www.gracelifefellowship.org)

March 20-22 – Surrendered Image Conference, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.  (http://surrenderedimage.com)

April 24-26 – Network 220, "Outrageous" Celebrating the Extravagant Love of God, Grace Life Community Church, Virginia. (http://www.network220.org/events)

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