Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Defense of Black Friday People

I know lots of good, caring and thoughtful people who enjoy shopping on Black Friday.  Can you believe it?  All of them think, plan, budget and maneuver in ways that are wonderfully strategic and beneficial to themselves and to others.  I’m glad.

There are a microscopically minute few people who make a mess of that day, bashing and yelling and pushing their way to the item of their desire, and I want to chew them out and give them a vigorous slapping as a reward.  Because the media searches for eye-catching, sensational moments like that, my local slap-fest would make the news world-over. 

“American Black Friday Shopper Assaults Fellow Shoppers”

There would be eye-rolling, self-righteous laughter, and mocking Facebook posts from all corners of the globe. “Just look at those covetous, violent and stupid Americans!  They’re probably all packing guns, too!”

Give it a rest.  Because you cannot spoon-feed your ridicule to those few deserving of it, consider loving and caring for the overwhelming majority.  We’re the ones who see and hear your message, and we’re just fine—although we could use some encouragement.  You’ll look better and be better for it, too.  Besides, ridicule does not become you.  And this is not an epidemic.  This is not how we are.  It’s not in our Constitution.  Really, we’re good.

Black Friday is an ever-changing, difficult and demanding day that many people navigate, some by choice and some not.  Ridicule won’t strengthen or recover them.  Yes, shame on those who make a mess of the day, but unless you can personally serve your cup of hot, steaming ridicule to a guilty hooligan, consider keeping it bottled.  Maybe let it age in your cellar for a long, long time.

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