Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fear is a Set Up for Together

“Face your fears” is a piece of advice that I’ve heard and read for years. Instead, I say, “Face your fears with Jesus.” Every fear is a perfect opportunity for you to know by experience the perfect grace of Jesus with you. Every time that He has conveyed to me, “You can do this, Ralph,” His certainty included, “because you and I are together for this.” That has come to mean everything to me—“Together”—and I think He planned long ago for that to delight us both. Jesus does not instruct me to “fear not” as a virtue I work up, but as a fruit of the confidence He gives because He is with me. “We are together, you and I,” always precedes “do not be afraid.” Actually, I have gotten to know Jesus’ ability in me more because of earthly fear than I have because of earthly love. “Fear” is a set up for “Together,” so don’t face it alone.

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