Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Identifying the Sons of God

An amazing thing is going to happen today for many of my friends.  They may not clearly recognize it, but it will happen nonetheless:  they will be identified as sons of God. 

The trauma of treading the waters of my country’s political system has taken a toll upon them.  Today they will choose and vote for a candidate (which is a good thing to do), even though they know the person they choose has no chance of fixing people.  “I have no chance of fixing anyone!” has not been the rallying cry of a single political candidate, yet my godly friends know it’s true.  Still, they’ve been reading and listening and gathering the wisdom of this world in order to “make an informed decision” about someone who isn’t telling “the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, God.”  And my godly friends are worn out in the gathering, having been stuffed-full and abused by the pretended nourishment of this world. 

To them and to those of us who will vote in the coming elections, let your conflicted and malnourished souls usher you to the Spirit, who will form Christ in you—your life and your hope and your joy.  You are in Him and He is in you, though that sometimes seems impractical until fatigue and conflict have gotten your attention.  So let fatigue and conflict remind you that you are fit with Jesus.  Remembering that and taking advantage of His plan to be life for you today will revive you and remind you of who you are:  the sons of God.

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