Saturday, April 02, 2016

Give You Rest

If you’re feeling a little worn out, a bit worked over today, please do not try to work up something for Jesus.  While working yourself over or up for Jesus is never a good idea, we seem particularly prone to thinking about all of the work we should be doing upon ourselves when we are least capable.  I do not like feeling, “least capable,” and often entertain lunatic thoughts that I’d better get myself together.  But the two don’t go together.  Right?  Instead, the best course I have ever found is to offer myself to Jesus—Mr. Capable—who lives in me.  I don’t make it my goal to do that very well either.  I don’t gin-up some manners when talking to Jesus in me, because not only does He know all about my “worked-over” condition, He actually enjoys meeting with me in every condition and situation I encounter.  That’s the plan.  He proves Himself to me over and over again, earning my love and trust over and over again.  And what’s more valuable than that?

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