Sunday, May 01, 2016

Claude, the Coffee Angel

I admit to feeling grossly inferior at times to the coffee artisans who make beautiful latte art. Perhaps you’ve see white flowers, asteroid bursts, a bouquet crowned by a heart, and more admiring your lips as you raise your coffee concoction to drink. But I offer today’s miracle of the mug as proof of my, um, honorabilityness, which sprang from my own espresso creation: Claude, my Coffee Angel. If, per chance, you cannot see him, wings uplifted and singing his way from right to left, then you are doomed—doomed, I say, to endless and fruitless searching for the crema and latte art anointing as you wander your allotted days. For those who do, indeed, recognize Claude’s heavenly, ephemeral visage, you are blessed. Rejoice…or something.

(I hope you enjoy your Monday morning coffee!)

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