Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Love Is Not Dependent Upon Trust

“How can there be love if there is no trust?” a friend asked.

If love is only for trusting relationships, then it is worldly and not godly. I don’t mean to say that this world’s love is altogether bad, but that it is limited. The best chance for me with God’s love is when I see myself not as a representative of God and with a lot to do, but as a vessel for Him, who has a lot to do in and through me. It is then that I look for Him and for what He is like inside of me. That belief and look changes everything and produces a “coming out,” a fruit of the Spirit, or an affect upon those around me. That’s particularly noticeable to the untrustworthy—both to them and to me, actually. That’s God’s love in and through me, His vessel. And it’s not dependent upon trust.

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