Friday, November 11, 2016

Know People

In my view, we have listened to people who demonized Trump and Clinton beyond reality, and those of us who believed them are afraid of the images they created. We do not actually know Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, nor do we know Barack Obama, for that matter. But the media-cast images of these people have found a home in our minds—some to please, some to traumatize; some to make light, some to make dark.

We cannot bear this. We’re not supposed to.

My advice? Draw back from the media, draw away from the personality images they press upon you, and go love your neighbor as yourself. You are far more likely to like what you find, and you will know people in truth. It’s supposed to be that way.

For example, my family and I are hosting a Fall Festival party tonight for the families who live on our street. We’ve done this maybe half a dozen times, and there will be Indians, Mormons, Christians, Skeptics, Republicans, Democrats, Rockies fans and Cubs fans, those who like sushi and those who don’t, those who like iPhones and those who like Samsungs here. And we will do great together. Everyone is bringing food and drink to share—a representative part of their lives—and we will probably find a way to cram everybody into the kitchen, where we will enjoy a holy evening of fellowship.

We will know each other. This is one way that life is found and shared. That other stuff—the flimsy representations the media offer—strangles it. So come on, people—know people.

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