Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Leaving the Shallows for the Deep

Many of us have learned to live on shallow opinion, much of it formed not by empirical, personal experience, but upon the presumed research and oftentimes money-driven point of view of someone else.  If it fits with our worldview (however that’s been formed), we buy it and tout it and support it as though it were our very own.  But it’s not.  We’ve grown accustomed to accepting fast-food fare, prepared and packaged by someone else, and wonder why we’re malnourished.  We’re starving but demanding more.  We’ve gotten used to media-served, shallow satisfactions because they flame-up quickly, and we think the heat validates the source.  It doesn’t, but I’m afraid we’re addicted. 

Turning it off might cause initial withdrawals, but in the void you will see the ruse, you will know you’ve been conned, and your deepest and truest longings will redirect you to what truly satisfies.  And then you will no longer be empty, but full and free of shallow satisfactions. 

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