Monday, February 19, 2007

The Five Lust Languages?

Now here's a beautiful how-do-you-do.

Justin Taylor at, has posted part of a review of Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages." Entitled, "The Five Lust Languages?" it's well worth reading. Click here to do it.

You won't leave it without an opinion...

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  1. Ralph, I found your blog and ministry site by way of Justin Taylor's site. I'm interested to know your take on Powlison's article. From what I see on your site it seems like you don't hold to a view of indwelling sin in the life of a believer. I could be totally wrong. I know a few people who hold a similar views and I would love to hear how you see that working out in light of Powlison's article.

    Thanks for your time! I do believe that we are far more loved by God in Christ than we will ever realize (seems like what you are saying) and at the same time we are more capable of evil and sin than we realize. I'd love to hear any thoughts! Blessings in Christ brother.