Monday, February 26, 2007

Go Against The Flow

I remember one of the first Christian T-shirts I ever saw. It had a school of brightly colored fish all swimming in the same direction. In the midst of the mass was a solitary white fish—as I recall—and it alone was swimming in the opposing direction. The slogan on the shirt?

“Go against the flow."

Ever feel like you're doing that? It's a good sign if you do. Since you are no longer of this world, but have become an alien, a stranger, you must feel out of step with the flow of this world.

Excepting the preaching of Christ, nowhere is that more apparent than when one expresses himself to be going against the tidal flood of acceptance of homosexual behavior. Try sharing that you think homosexuality is abnormal in your tolerant social studies class, and you’ll see what I mean. The flow and fight against you will rise like a sudden tsunami.

The intolerance of that opinion is especially apparent when you’re a high profile athlete.

Such is the case with Tim Hardaway, a former all-star NBA player. While declining to identify himself as a Christian, he has made it clear that he is not in agreement with the prevailing winds of opinion concerning what was once known as aberrant behavior. A longtime friend (Scoop Jackson) interviewed Hardaway for ESPN in an attempt to allow him to change his mind or at least do some "spin control." It is Jackson's belief that Hardaway is a drowning man...and he may be right. Hardaway’s opinion will likely cost him dearly, but he stuck to his beliefs.

I was amazed at how many times Jackson asked Hardaway questions to the effect, "Now, you're not really saying you think a gay lifestyle is wrong, are you?! I mean, come on--get with the rest of us and change your mind..."

I can't imagine how much pressure there was on Hardaway--a world-wide audience--and he stayed true to what he believes. While apologizing for having said, "I hate gays," still he said, "I don't condone their lifestyle."

And for that he is being vilified far and wide by those more savvy, and by those more willing to prostitute themselves so they can remain in the approval flow of this world...and profit from its benefactors. What a powerful lure that is.

Our opinion is going to cost us a lot. This article will give you a heads-up.

It's quite a read. Click here.

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