Saturday, March 31, 2007

Squirrel Deliverance

(It's the weekend, so...)

There weren't a lot of squirrels around when I was growing up, so we were pretty delighted when we got to see them on trips to the mountains. We were those crazy tourists you might have seen feeding the squirrels and squealing with glee.

But not anymore.

Where I now live, squirrels don't just carry plague, they are the plague. They're marauding bands of disease carrying criminals that steal our blackberries and strawberries, and the seed we've put out to attract more desirable fawna, like yellow gold finches, bluebirds and nuthatches. We want those around--but not squirrels. Running out the door, yelling and waving our hands doesn't do much, either, except entertain our neighbors.

But this does. I NEED one of these. Have a look.

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