Sunday, September 02, 2007

One of My Favorites

I confess that when I was growing up, one of my favorite television shows was "Get Smart," starring Don Adams. Each episode was framed by the struggle between the evil agents of Chaos and the good agents of Control.

In addition to the funny situations Agents 86 (Adams) and 99 (Barbara Feldon) would get into and out of during the show, there were certain "evil" characters I just loved. Siegfried, played by Bernie Kopell, was my favorite.

Some of the best shows included Siegfried and his assistant, Stocker, and those two would banter back and forth in their terrific and overdone German accents. Finally, Siegfried would re-focus upon his enemy, Maxwell Smart, and say something like, "Schmart! Vee at Chaos vill defeat sza plans of Control! You vill nevah vin, Schmart!

Here is a sampling of Siegfried.

Hey, it's the weekend.

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