Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paying Attention?

What seems useless or bothersome today may be invaluable tomorrow. Know what I'm sayin'? So many of the little things we go through, barely hanging onto what we've come to know about God, are adding up. You know, a sort of "light and momentary affliction that's achieving for us an eternal weight of glory" kind of thing.

Know what I'm sayin'?

Here's a bit of an odd take on that whole concept.

(This comic is from a blog I enjoy, Lots and lots of good stuff for laughs. . .unless you don't need to laugh today. Sure, a little bit here and there is a little bit off color, but you can handle that, right?)


  1. Hey Ralph, thanks for swinging by and reading the blog. Been enjoying a number of your thoughtful posts here, myself.

    Have a nice one!


  2. Thank you, Brian!

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog as well.