Saturday, October 04, 2008


Today was a so-so day for my dad.

While his white blood cell count decreased (and that’s good), the pneumonia was relatively unchanged—and that’s not good. Further, he has not progressed concerning his breathing and the oxygen saturation in his blood. He has returned to needing breathing assistance (he wears a pressurized mask) because without it the level of oxygen getting to his blood stream is insufficient.

The Spirit has refreshed me today by reminding me that I cannot change how people are or do—that’s His game. I was restored to trust and rest. On the other side of trust and rest I could easily see how I had been taking the world upon my back; I was responsible for how things went. If, by my estimation, things were not going well, guess who was at fault?

And I’m a son of God’s grace and a preaching guru of it as well? Ha! I need Him.

And I’ve got Him.

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