Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have You Seen This?

You’ve got to see this movie, To End All Wars. Why it slipped past me in 2002 is a mystery, but I’m so thankful I’ve got it now.

If you would like to read a real review from a qualified film aficionado, go here. Otherwise, you can settle for mine.

I need to mention that this is a prisoner of war movie, and has all the graphically abhorrent scenes you would expect from a film dealing with such a traumatic theme. Because the Japanese viewed other nationalities as terribly inferior, and because these British and American prisoners had not killed themselves rather than accept capture, the Japanese soldiers treated them brutally. And you will see that, but it’s very germane to the film.

That’s that.

I have never seen a film anything like this that depicts the growing faith in Christ of many of the prisoners. It’s stunning. And what these captives do in relation to their captors would make the apostle Paul stand up and shout. It’s stunning. There were many times when my wife and I stopped the film because we wanted to talk and marvel over what we had just seen.

To End All Wars has joined the ranks of my Top Films.

Go get it. It’s stunning.

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