Saturday, September 05, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'

There's a fight comin'. Can you feel it? A couple of big American gangs seem they are always gettin' ready to rumble.

I know, I know. This has nothing to do with the stated purpose of this blog. But in a hyper-drive time of economic and political debate and savagery, you'll want to keep your head about you. If you're in Christ, then not only are you not of this world, you must be careful to avoid becoming entangled in it. This little tidbit (below) may help keep you calm and grounded in all the angry mud-flinging going on around you.

Beware of gang style platitudes—Evil corporations!—Cut 'n run Democrats!—because they stimulate an angry and aggressive response. I find that if I keep a few specifics in my head, I'll be less likely to join the fight or to throw a punch. Instead, I'll be able to remain friendly and engaged with anybody in either gang.

I'm just sayin'.

Economics professor, Mark J. Perry, points out that, “While we obsess over corporate profits, no one gives them credit for the massive taxes they pay to keep this country afloat. Exxon paid 30 billion dollars last year in taxes, which is as much, annually, as the bottom 50% of individual taxpayers. We’re talking 65,000,000 people. . .and did you know that the tax rate for the bottom 50% is only 3%? Meanwhile, for Exxon it’s 41%.”

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  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    You are so right. Keeping our eyes and ears on the prize is always a task at hand. meanwhile their benevolence towards those they seem to care about, never comes from the hands of a dictator. Jesus Love will penetrate all that they throw our way or take from the hands of the righteous.
    Phillip Owen Morris