Saturday, October 17, 2009

How To Look Terrible During Worship – A Video

It's the weekend--time for some fun!

When I was a spanking new Christian, I immediately frequented charismatic churches and Bible study groups. It wasn't easy to remain quiet or hidden from view in those arenas because there was often a suggested course for how to be involved with God. Freedom, in the Biblical sense, usually had requirements: verbal agreement (sometimes with increased volume--"AMEN!!!"), standing, clapping, raising and waving of arms and hands, and hugs all over the place.

While it took some time to become accustomed to it all, I pretty much liked it. And until I really got the hang of it, I watched and mimicked others. Can you picture it? Fortunately, they didn't mind being roll models for me.

But because I want to help you grow in your knowledge and experience of God--and to help that happen as quickly and easily as possible--I offer this extremely helpful video.

Pay close attention. There will be a test.


  1. Bekah1:26 AM

    So good! I have to steal it.

  2. Tom Bloodgood8:10 AM

    Very helpful Ralph...thanks for the post. You may find this video to be an additional resource.

  3. Roger Massey8:11 AM

    I'm smilin' big after that one. Thanks RAlph!

  4. Sandy Raymer8:11 AM

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!! Where on earth do you find these things? Do you spend all day searching the net? Thanks for a good laugh!

  5. Whitney Lee Nolan8:12 AM

    Thanks so much! I needed this tutorial:)