Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indian Food & God

Life is sometimes really dissatisfying because I know how it could be and ought to be.

Since moving to Colorado eight years ago, I’ve grudgingly accepted that Indian restaurant cuisine does not and will not have the zest and zip of the food found in Southern California.  While the menu items have the same names, it’s tamer here.  No matter what we add or do to take it up a notch and give it some real vitality, it never quite gets there.  It’s good, but it remains less a delight than it should be.

That’s how my deeper, heavenly appetite is, too. Even though I like what I get by doing the Spirit-led things that fill me up—like reading and praying and singing and obeying and sharing—there are times I just want to go there.  I want to be satisfied like that.  I think I know at least something of how it will be, so I sometimes long for it.  Life is sometimes really dissatisfying because I know how it could be—like Colorado Indian food.

And I think God is setting me up.

This morning I’m particularly glad that God is more determined to truly and deeply satisfy me than I am.  Frankly, I might settle for less, but He won't let me.

Have you ever thought that the reason life is less satisfying the older you get is because it’s supposed to be?  That God is really and actually sanctifying you as a heaven-belonging son or daughter of His?  If, in fact, we’re spirit-born sons of God and seated in heavenly places already, it would appear, well, logical that God would prove it to us by getting us ready to come home—and to really enjoy it when we arrive.  And maybe to recognize it.  I suspect that when I cross over from this fleeting and temporal life to eternal life, I will utter a lot of Ahhs, and Oohs, and Mmms, don’t you?  I think my appetite for life is occasionally dissatisfied with what I can find in this world because it’s being prepared for a never-ending feast.

And I don’t think it will be entirely new delights served at the feast, but certainly a lot more flavorful and satisfying…and more quantity—way more.

I'm glad that my table reservation is all set.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  (Mt. 12:34)


  1. Michelle Hernandez Bolitho10:28 AM

    I love it.. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Melanie Ceniceros Lambert10:29 AM

    You could use mexican food as an example too! of course once I spend time with california family and food I realize that is no longer what I amtruely homesick for.
    I can remember being younger and not understanding why my grandmother constantly talked about wanting to go to heaven. as I get older i'm understanding. now, how to figure out how to wait. both my grandma and great-grandma are still waiting so we may be here awhile.

  3. Ralph, what a wonderful uplifting post. A long ago pastor once told us that the reason elderly lose their, taste, eyesight, hearing and agility in later years is because we would want to cling to the sensual pleasures of this ol' earth and never want to leave it. He is preparing a much greater attraction and wants us to desire it as much or more than this old earth.

    When my son was killed nearly five years ago, I wanted to go home so bad to be near him again. Then God opened my eyes that my greatest desire was to be nearer to my son than my Lord. What a reckoning. Praising Him for every second whether here or in His eternal presence. God bless you as you write for the glory of God. selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

  4. Thank you very much for your comments, Michelle, Melanie, and Hariette. It is such a comfort to know the Alpha and Omega is carrying out His plan around us, in us, and through us--not a day late, nor a day early. He is perfect, and I rest in Him.
    It seems that you do too.

  5. Mari Jackson10:21 PM

    That's neat Ralph. I can relate...there are times when I'm walking and praying and suddenly I get this "homesick" feeling down in my gut........