Monday, July 26, 2010

Grrrrrrr. . .

When we teach from Psalm 51 (David’s lamentation over his guilt concerning Bathsheba and Uriah), must we entirely suspend the fact that there is a new covenant, that Jesus has borne and forgiven all our sin, making us righteous and holy, that He has given us a new heart and the same nature as His, united us with Himself, and that, since He now actually lives in us, He will not ever leave us nor forsake us, let alone remove Himself from us?

Some of us teach as though there is virtually no difference in man’s relationship with God between the former and new covenants.


Yeah, I went to a church yesterday. . .I swear you'd have thought Jesus hadn't done a thing for us, so people's approach to God was based on their own merit, not His.

And that's more than a little bit whacked.

Grrrrrr. . .


  1. James M. Henderson11:19 AM

    About 90% of American religion seems (to me) to be based in moralism - the idea that one keeps commandments to make oneself "pure" and acceptable to God. We worship the idol of our own twisted Pragmatism. Neil Anderson said, in the preface to Victory Over the Darkness, that Americans did not understand two very important things: the spirirt world, and grace.

  2. Herb Sims11:19 AM

    Yep, depends on which side of the bed the speaker/teacher gets up on...will this be a new covenant or old covenant morning? Or, could it be a matter of taste..toast or bagel? I guess the bagel would be old covenant. Or, could be be they get there messages off sermon lite/ Sorry, I digress. You seem to have touched a nerve in me Ralph.

  3. Amanda Trawick11:20 AM

    Yeah, but if you didn't go to church would you have even HALF so many interesting questions and complaints afterword? :)

  4. Sarah Harris11:22 AM

    Questions and complaints (about what is true of God and where we stand with Him-just slightly pertinent to everyday life) for us, but heaviness for those who don't know to question.

  5. Charles Spoelstra11:36 AM

    If I understood the spiritual world, I'd understand just how helpless I was in the face of my own dead depravity and the enemy's schemes, but I don't really understand the spiritual world, since I can't see, hear, feel, taste or touch it. If I understood grace, I'd see that I'm not helpless anymore but united to the only One who who has real Authority in the spiritual world.

    Since I barely understand either, I still go to Church to wonder about these with others who don't understand either, but believe anyway. At least that's what it's like these days at the church I'm going to.

  6. Jacque Belfiore Favre12:23 PM

    I thought to understand Jesus as confirming the old covenant and that He was the fulfillment of it so that it's not either or but it is Him. Personally, I would not have come to a more committed relationship with Christ if I could not, "know that I know that I know" meaning I have an undeniable knowing of Him and that He knows me and this revelation is by Grace through the Holy Spirit.

  7. Steve Martin12:23 PM

    Both the Christian operating in the flesh and the hard-core legalist have one thing in common: both of them do not know they have died to the law.

  8. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I totally agree Ralph, but a question; I'm confused with sombody who explained and taught the bible to me, let me to Jesus and he even learned greek and hebrew; taught in the church, was hurt by the church that wanted to remain in old traditions and thought too much grace was equil to man just doing as he pleased; meaning a rebelious sprit. He knew he was correct in the grace and love Christ - in us and new creations set free from the old covenant, he was saved commited to Jesus. I found out he became Jewish, because of his family origin tree. Where is he Now? How? Why? is he still in Christ? or lost? I know no one comes to the Lord, unless the sprit draws him? do you think the Lord has turned away from him? or is he tormented because the Lord will go for his lost sheep? I pray for him, and for the Lord to keep moving on him and not let up! If you can give me your thoughts on this, Thanks, You Know!