Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freedom From The Blockade

Knowing God—really—is the only thing that keeps me from blockading my heart (where people can hurt me) and projecting a persona that seems to keep me from pain of some sort. Correct theology, which assists me to God, won’t keep me from blockading and projecting. God alone makes and keeps me free, and that’s what makes me happiest—Him!

He is the key to my heart—and I look to Him to unlock it. He is very good at it, being God and all.


  1. Laurie Troublefield11:34 AM

    Well said, my friend...nothing is more real when He makes my heart remain open, despite the painful reality of being hurt or misunderstood. Wish it weren't so, but seems you can't experience the former without the latter. Still, the richness of open-hearted living is worth the cost! I'm just sayin'... :)! Love you!

  2. That it is! Frightening, but worth every bit of it.

  3. Sharon Fryer7:57 PM

    If I've learned anything at all about being vulnerable to hurt, I've learned it KEEPS journeying me INTO WHO GOD IS...YES, INTO WHO HE IS FOR ME....

  4. Lewis W. Gregory7:57 PM

    I like the all part; and in all things I might add!

  5. Sharon Fryer7:58 PM

    I just KEEP FALLING INTO, Grace *FREELY* IMMEASURABLE, and *FREELY* UNLIMITED!!! I know NO other place to FALL INTO... \o/ And I don't make Grace to abound to me, GOD MAKES ALL GRACE ABOUND TOWARDS me...I've been on a writing "thing" this morning!! O, it's not morning anymore...Well, been writing since this morning...that was free...LOL....By the way, just read your note again a few moments ago...Really ministers to me... \o/

  6. Don Steve7:58 PM

    Love it! Seems the more I know about Him the more things are prone to be scrambled. His presence and voice unties the knots of my confusion.

  7. Jennifer Brem7:59 PM

    Just for once Ralph I want to hear you say something totally negative and not uplifting.

  8. Julie Belshe8:00 PM

    So very true, and very well said! I must share. Thank You!