Monday, November 15, 2010

The Inheritance In The Children Of God

While works for God are important, the work of God in His people should so thrill us as to make us crazy about Him and gladly dependent. And that’s what life is like when you find Him in you as well as around you. The great joy you find will certainly produce sincere works for God, but that’s not God’s first goal—it’s the result.

Works for God are a by-product of grace-filled believers who cannot contain the wonderful, deep urgings and desires of the Spirit living within. This is the inheritance of those purchased by Jesus Christ, and it’s what He’s working toward today.

(Excerpted from the Introduction of my book, "Better Off Than you Think." To learn more about it and/or to order, click


  1. Frank Houser Sr.5:51 PM

    I'll definitely be getting that book! :)

  2. Nancy Mercedes Peralta-Reed Smith5:51 PM

    Thank you. I bought your book and I am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Jalaine Martel5:52 PM

    Instead of working for God...we work from Him... Thanks!!!

  4. Brenda Kalas5:52 PM

    Blessed to have a magnificent obsession! And, it's never too late to finally know, I am better off than I thought! Done deal!

  5. Paul Donnan5:53 PM

    Sounds awesome Ralph. I pray it touches many and blesses all (including you) who touch it.

  6. Debra Baker5:53 PM

    I like it. Thanks. :)

  7. Julie Casteel5:57 PM