Thursday, April 07, 2011

Audio Message

Here’s a link to a message I gave at Grace Life Community Church, in Bristow, Virginia, on Sunday, March 27. In essence, my hope here and always is to assist people toward finding God as the treasure He Is.

The church titled the message: Knowing God – Christ “IN” Us. (It’s the second one on the list…for now.)


  1. Sheila Vertoli1:20 PM

    Listening... I really want to hear more about 'small animal sacrifices.' =)

  2. Mike Mayo1:20 PM

    Listening now. Yeah! Ooh. Well done!

  3. Cindi Estep3:08 PM

    You were in Virginia and I didn't know it!!

  4. Sheila, maybe I should do a series on the proper tools and techniques of small animal sacrifice. Bet it would be a hit. . .of sorts. And Cindi, sorry about that. I posted about it on facebook, but I only had two days notice. It was a bit spur of the moment.