Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just The Way You Are

Does God like you, just the way you are?

It all depends upon what your view of yourself is. God thinks you are spirit. Many Christians think you are human. If you’re human, then there’s a lot about you that God wants to change. If you’re spirit, then God already has changed you. What’s needed now is for you to believe.

After God changes you from old to new, from a son of the earth to a son of God, He is absolutely delighted with you—the change is complete. He has seen to it. He doesn’t want you getting confused about the change He has made when your behavior fails to match up with the change He has made. He doesn’t want you focusing upon your behavior in order to change, but He assists you to believe in the change He has made. This requires a healthy focus upon the truth. He doesn’t want you to change—please don’t! Stay the way you are! Stay the way HE thinks you are—a spot-on, perfect son or daughter of His. Get comfortable with that.

This is why I maintain that God is fairly crazy about you. He wants to show you what He sees. He and all of heaven are dazzled. And as you see and know what He sees and knows, you’ll be growing—growing in faith that He likes you just the way you are.


  1. Debbie Rector5:32 PM

    I love you Ralph Harris! You are a true blessing! Thank you for letting LIFE SHINE through your words, straight to my heart.

  2. Sharon Fryer5:50 PM

    I'm SO GLAD that God is JUST THE WAY HE IS, and WITHOUT ANY CHANCE OF HIM CHANGING!!! That way I KNOW that HE WILL ALWAYS Like me, just the way I am...And how am I? I am ALWAYS IN JESUS ♥ p.s., Ralph, I ALWAYS like your sharing! Thank you ♥

  3. Jeff Shinliver5:51 PM

    Thanks for that Ralph! He knew I needed to read that right now!

  4. Dave O'Brien5:52 PM

    A better bumper sticker...

    "I Don't Care If You're Patient Or Not, God Is Finished With Me" :)

  5. Debbie, thank you, my friend.
    Jeff, you're very welcome. And thank you for telling me.
    Dave, I like your sticker!

  6. Brent Harris6:20 PM

    Then what do you make of all of the changes that the New Testament instructs us to make - with his help? In your view, is it all a mental thing?

  7. Many people confuse change and growth by focusing on their soul instead of their spirit. The soul is what I called in my book, the perceiver-expresser: it feels and senses and perceives, and then looks for a way of expression. People so-focused try to change their soul by doing the right thing, by making changes in their behavior, etc. They get very fleshly focused. But growth or change for the Christian comes by believing, actually believing what God says is true of us and of Himself. This is how we live by the Spirit, and not by the flesh. Any put-on or put-off we're instructed to make in the NT is well-after the believing. Christian maturity means to increase in believing God.

  8. Murray Scott7:53 PM

    I think it's wise to take a peak at our behavior sometimes, Ralph. I notice that you made a point of saying that we shouldn't look at our behavior in order to change. I agree with that. But I believe that we can look at our behavior to see if we're believing in the change, as you so aptly put it. The Bible says that when you're under grace, sin shall not have dominion over you. (Romans 6:14) So, if we find that sin seems to have a degree of dominion, we can use that information to become reestablished in the grace that teaches us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts and to live soberly, righteously and godly in the present age. (Titus 2:12)

  9. Well said, Murray. I agree. Anything that leads us to faith and to the grace of God turns into a good thing.

  10. Donna Tremblay10:25 PM

    Loved that. Thanks.

  11. Sharon Stiles10:27 PM

    thank you brother for speaking the boldly!

  12. Vicki Leventhal-Highet Frydrych10:28 PM

    Love your gentle, truthful response to the thought that He is double minded - both loving me today as I am yet not being satisfied with who/how I am yet. Praise God He hates mixture - from the mix of linen and wool in OT, to mixed marriages of Israelites (believers and unbelievers) to our belief that we are of the two-dog nature with the one being fed ruling. Praise God we DIED WITH CHRIST, the OLD NATURE IS GONE that we could receive a new, perfect, holy nature - His nature and become new creations - our spirit with His forming a ONE new creation indivisible under God. Love your sharing truth Ralph, thanks.

  13. Aletta Ticki Martinez10:29 PM

    My motto: what you see is. What you get. I love how God is no respector of persons and that looks at the heart and not tge outer appearance. Thanks for sharing that God and heaven are dazzled about us!

  14. Dave O'Brien7:46 AM

    Thanks Ralph! I've learned to walk by faith, fixing my eyes on Jesus, (which is effortless) and exactly how true change manifests.

  15. Cliff Gableman7:47 AM

    I guess I'm free to be me

  16. Garvisa Garner Stroud7:48 AM

    Ralph, I like your original post as well as the one in the comments. Thanks for reminding me of the truth and for giving me new words to express that truth to remind my self and others!!!! I appreciate YOU! Tell Sarah Moore Harris I said hey!

  17. Todd Stull7:48 AM

    Most Awesomeness!!!!!!

  18. Lori Ryon7:55 AM


  19. Luis Leiva7:56 AM

    Great post Ralph! :)

  20. Kathy Wilkinson9:52 AM

    I thank God forcontinuing to make these truths livable for me to experience the freedom from them, instead of them being just knowledge. Dependency through intimacy is making the huge difference in my journey.

  21. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Wow! Thanks again for everything you write that SO-O-O-O-O makes me jump for joy. I feel like you wrote this one specifically for me. Keep 'em coming.

  22. Craig Julian2:49 PM

    I am sharing this at the dinner table tonight...I do not care what Dave Geisler says about are alright in my book....seriously, thanks for sharing my friend!

  23. Linda Donovan5:52 PM

    Wow!!!!!! ♥