Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grace Crowds

(Fortunately for us, there are some great "wordsmiths" online, men and women who have a gift with the truth and of writing it in an excellent way. One of them is John P. Cwynar. The man is amazing. Here's an example I think you'll enjoy.)

"Grace Crowds"

There are crowds... and then there are crowded crowds.

Some crowds are crowded crowds... lots of pushing... shoving... crowding. Crowded crowds are made up of crowded people with crowded thoughts... and crowded emotions... crowded relationships... all trying to head in one direction... all trying to get to the head of the crowded crowd.

But the harder you push in the crowded crowd... the harder the crowded crowd pushes back... and everyone finds themselves heading in the wrong direction... going where they really don't want to go.

You see... the crowded crowd takes on a life and direction of its own... so when you do manage to get to the head of the crowded crowd... all you find for all the push and shove and crowding... is you've ended up exactly where you did not want to be.

But then there are Grace crowds. Grace crowds are uncrowded crowds. Now, there may still be some crowded crowding going on at times... when the crowd forgets which crowd it is part of.

But, what this crowd practices is reverse crowding... they crowd you in front of them. There may still be some pushing and shoving... but it is in the form of encouragement. In this crowd... it is everyone's job to crowd you ahead of them... provide help and support to get to your desired destination.

Now the reason this crowd exists... is because of the biggest crowd Crowder of all times. Jesus crowded to the head of the line... just when it was supposed to be my turn... your turn... at the last minute... He pushed you and me out of line. He took our place... took what was coming to us... took our death... turned it into new life.

Now Grace crowding is all about crowding around Him in a most uncrowded way. Each one in these beautiful Grace crowds... has immediate access to His uncrowded crowded throne. Soon beautiful Grace crowds will come from every corner of the earth to join in uncrowded worship of the King of uncrowded crowds.

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