Thursday, August 02, 2012

Love Keeps Life Clear

How about a loud, “Hip-hip, hooray!” for messy relationships!  No?

When we experience relational stress there comes the immediate urge to figure things out, to set up boundaries, and to get more wisdom and understanding so we will have better relational skills.  None of those is necessarily wrong, but what is most needed because it is most true to our nature is authentic love—love from The Source.  

We are set up for God’s love and what that does to us and through us, particularly in relationships.  He is an unending supply of love—love that is patient and kind and generous, and love that doesn’t measure its affection as a strategy to win anyone or anything.  God’s love isn’t keeping score and it isn’t self-seeking.  It’s a marvel of perfect grace.

If you’re struggling in love, consider resisting the urge to get smarter as fast as you can about the struggle you’re in, and rest for a time in God’s love for you.  Enjoying Him and the way He is toward you will also fashion love for everyone in your life as well.  His love works in you.  His love keeps life clear.

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