Saturday, November 03, 2012

Life In The Deep

One should not believe that because I have not posted about which candidate I support for the Presidency that I do not care which one is elected.  I care a lot, and I voted for Romney and Ryan a week ago with good reasons.  I don’t post about it because I believe my primary work is nearly singular in importance: to assist you toward knowing Jesus and his freedom and love and life for you.  It has been my experience that talking very much about current issues, specific candidates and the like quickly draws people into the shallow end of relationship, and it then becomes difficult to talk deeply and of the heart.  We lose each other.  We abandon our inner selves in favor of an attractive and nicely prosecuted argument, which then becomes our exterior identity.   Although the apostle Paul warned us against viewing people from a worldly and surface view because it isn’t enough and it will hurt us, we take hold of it anyway while our depths remain remote.  But that’s where real life is.

There are those who are, while reading this, placing me into a category (Republican, Conservative, or whatever) that may then become more real and more important to them than my true, below the surface, identity:  son of God, holy man, righteous man, dwelling place of God, servant of the church.  And, maybe, those people won’t be able to hear me as well anymore because they’ll think of me with a worldly ID emblazoned upon my forehead:  “Romney Voter.”  And we will lose each other.

So why post this if I’m assisting people with inner-wall-building against me?  I think because I want to explain all this in a way that might help us see why people don’t talk heart to heart—maybe with you.  Why they don’t share their inner fears.  Why they’d never confess failure or admit weakness with you because they’ve never ventured into anything deeper than shallow-end things with you.  Is that clear enough?  I love playing around in the shallows of humor and cartoons and seasonal beauty and stuff like that, which you’ll regularly see on my wall or blog or in LifeNotes.  But I’d much rather get out of the shallows with you so we can actually get somewhere that counts.  Somewhere that’s deeply true.  Life is found there, and I want to share.

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