Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love In The Institution

Some of my friends are very angry at the “institutional church,” and not without reason. I’ve had my anger bombs, too.  But I deeply love the church and many of them regularly collect inside a building. That's not a problem, but sometimes stuff happens to them while there that’s the problem.

I say, know who the church is and love wildly. That's going to be wonderful and that's going to hurt.  Both.  But there’s nothing new about that.  So we’ll need regular care from the Spirit, who reveals to us the beauty of people as well as the mud that smears them, concealing them even to themselves.  We are His workmanship, even in the institution.

1 comment:

  1. The church is not something you do or somewhere you go, it is not even an institution. The church is something you are. The confusion happens when buildings need paid for and programs need staffed...the institution burns the living stones to build its tower of Babel--rejecting the Cornerstone--while building something great for God. When all the while the greatness--treasure--is in the earthen vessels.