Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Fruit Got To Do With It?

We talk a lot about “fruit” in the church today:  what it’s supposed to look like, how to have it, how to have more of it, and, maybe especially, what to think or do if you or someone you know doesn’t “have any.”  What then?!

But I think it would be wise to keep the following in mind—it will help you, and maybe help you help others.

Here’s the question I’d like you to think about:  Is Godly fruit the evidence that you’re saved, or the evidence that you’re loved?

Godly fruit in your life is not the evidence that you love God, but the evidence that God loves you.  As you rest and believe in Jesus, convinced by Him that He’s wonderful with you, you will see the evidence that He loves you and is fully capable in you:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.  This is how He is with you.  Yours is to rest and believe Him; His is to love and produce fruit.  This is how He is glorified in you, which is a fancy way of saying “He gets the credit,” or “He makes a name for Himself” by actually doing things with you, by doing life with you.

John 15:8 – Jesus said, “This is to my Father’s glory (It’s to His credit, it’s because of His work with you), that you become fruit bearers.”  (Italics mine.)  He does the loving and the producing and the working, and it becomes evident to you and through you.  Fruit.

There really isn’t much for you to do.  Is that so bad?

(Today's post is a transcript of yesterday's video with the same name, and is for those who'd rather read than watch.)

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