Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bozo Maxim

The Bozo Maxim:  Whenever there is a natural disaster (fire, earthquake, storm, etc.) that takes the lives of many people, a Christian of notoriety will seize upon the moment to disregard Jesus’ cross and resurrection and the affect upon humanity, and say something brilliantly foolish and cruel.  “God is mad, and (because Jesus’ death wasn’t enough) He killed people” is the summary, minus the parenthesis. 

Beyond the tragic theology this presents, I suppose this kind of stuff actually helps me in a back-handed, after the slap-on-my-face sort of way.  I am vividly reminded that, while we are Saints, we also carry with us Bozo The Clown.  The clown will occasionally show up and have his way with us.

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