Thursday, January 23, 2014

Direction, Rejection & Torture

How do you think God sees you?

When God sees His sons and daughters, He sees from a unique perspective:  He sees them from the inside.  God lives in us, and has inside information.  He loves revealing to you the beauty of what He has made of you.  Give Him half a chance, and you’re going to hear, “Oy!  You should see what I see from here!”  Or something like that. :)

Reading about it in Ephesians 1, or Colossians 1 & 2, or in 2 Corinthians 5 is exhilarating.  Or just listening for Him:  “Father, what do you think of me?”  It’s going to be great news.  You’re going to like it, and that motivates you to know Him on the inside.  And that changes your life.

There is a lot about our days that leads us to God’s perspective and to our treasuring it as the gold it is.  His perspective defines us.  However, it’s often the rejection of our true identity by those who see only outwardly that drives us inward to God, then to see again what is true.

Does that make sense?

One perspective—an outside view of yourself—will torture you; it’s not normal for you.  It’s not true.  And when an outside, visible view of yourself captures you, the Spirit, wanting your attention, might say something like:  “I forbid it!  Look where you’re from, woman!”

The other perspective, from the inside, where God has made you His perfect home, fits you just right.  And seeing that will produce grace and life for the day.

I just want to remind you today. . .and to ask the question:  What has your attention?  Is it out there?  That will mean rejection.  Or is it in here?  And that will mean you’re looking in the right direction—at home.

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