Friday, January 09, 2015

Freedom Versus Islam

I am posting this picture because if a few murderous Muslims are so very bothered by a few drawings of their false prophet, Mohammed, then I want to push back against their plan to intimidate people into submission by posting a representative drawing of the mass murderer himself. This picture is the television show South Park’s take on the dead leader.

If you think I might be a little insensitive, then maybe this will bring clarity: I love and respect people everywhere, but I deeply disdain and am revolted by the slave-making, female-torturing, poverty-engendering, hatred-inducing teachings of this twisted theological plague that makes monsters of the people I otherwise love. Having spent an educational and eye-opening eight months amongst the people of Saudi Arabia, I know what I’m talking about.

This is as much of a growing plague as I have ever witnessed. If we continue to cast Islam in the role of victim, offering our condolences and the benefit of looking away as Sharia spreads its strangling and de-humanizing grip, then we will deserve the consequences. They will be severe, and they will be for all of us.

I say, let’s have the conflict now. Let’s force the debate peacefully before it costs us our lives and the freedom we enjoy. The power of slave-making Islam is that it leverages my silence and acquiescence for pretended peaceful coexistence, which is only a beachhead for the fascist army behind it. They’re coming. Witness Europe. Let’s help the so-called moderate Muslims stand up to the so-called radicals by standing up first.

I’d like to see depictions of Mohammed become commonplace, our simple and powerful way of throwing off the cowering and covering they’re forcing upon us—a hallmark of Islam. We will be saying, “We do not agree with you and we will not quietly allow you to remain in slavery yourselves, let alone to makes slaves of others.”

Over and over again, history shouts from the grave to us that societal freedom is not free. Maybe this and the current events now demanding our attention will serve us well.

(For depictions of the Muslim icon, use what I've included here, Google/Yahoo him, or go to

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  1. I agree. When something is pulling folks down, there is no politically correct way to sound the alarm and do what you can to rescue them. It's NOT about hate...except to hate evil (not people).